Exciting games. Uniting players.

Scorewarrior is a game developer and publisher from Limassol, Cyprus. The company was founded in 2015 and is focused on 4X strategy and mid-core MMO games.

Our company was founded in 2015 in Cyprus with the initial goal of publishing and operating third-party games.

In 2016 we decided that we wanted to work with our own games instead of ready-made products. We were excited by the idea of being a full-cycle game development studio: to launch a game, gain initial traction, and then scale up the game globally and become a leader in the genre.

2017 saw the arrival of our first game, Total Battle. We discovered the game in its very early stages, and we believed in its great potential, so we made it our goal to focus on this single title and become the leader in the 4X strategy genre.

In 2021, we began to transform the company into a full-cycle game development studio, adding game developers, designers, and artists to our already existing publishing team, which consisted of our finance, legal, marketing, community, and support staff. We finished this process in 2022, and we now operate from our two offices in Limassol.

Let's hear from the team.

Our employees' opinions are the most important driving force behind the company.

"The management are great and very forward-thinking. They go the extra mile for their team, making it a great place to work with great colleagues, which also shows in the quality of the work produced."


Head of HR

"Seriously, what is this place? This is my idea of heaven :)"


Creative producer

"Scorewarrior is like my extended family. We have really good times here, and I look forward to coming in to work every day."


Senior Financial Analyst

"I couldn’t ask for a better environment to work in!
I am blessed to be part of this team"
Anastasia Junior Financial Analyst


Junior Financial Analyst

"I could never have imagined that working with games would be a part of my job. Every day is like ‘let's have fun at work'."
Christina Senior Legal Consultant


Senior Legal Consultant

"I'm grateful to be part of a company that prioritises employees' self improvement and makes us feel valued and appreciated."
Stelios House Manager


House manager

Exciting games. Uniting players.
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